About Us

Dr. Norm and Barbara Dawson

Barbara had her four kids between the ages of 35 and 40. Her husband was working full-time, two jobs and she wanted to give her kids a vital life. She took the reins in her hands and guided her family into a different life style. She chose unschooling, healthy eating, gardening, dance, drama, days at the museum, horseback riding and at least weekly trips to the library.  Her vision was inspired by listening to what was before her to do — one might call it a Higher Power. Each day letting the needs of her kids and their passions direct the days activities.

When she was pregnant with their third child, she noticed her energy was low. Her midwife told her to stay in bed and use a motorized shopping cart when she went grocery shopping. She could not figure out what was going on. When that child was born with a birth defect, Barbara realized she had to do something for herself or she would not be here for her family.

She was not healthy. When she found out she was pregnant with the fourth child, she had to find the best nutrition she could find.

Dr. Norm is a retired Chiropractor. He realized that inflammation was the biggest problem his patients were having. He was on the search for the best anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements. He was not quick to say yes when a science and research based product arrived at his office. He questioned the heck out of it! He believed a vitamin was a vitamin! He wanted proof that the claims that were being made were true which lead him to read an article on heart disease because his mother had just had a minor stroke. That one 6 page article had 68 medical citations … on multi -vitamins!

He and Barbara decided to try the products themselves. Norm started to share them with his patients. When his patients got stunning results they came back asking for more.  Norm's confidence in the products grew quickly and he realized that if he did not tell his patients about these amazing vitamins he would be doing them a great disservice. 

They welcomed in their fourth child, a healthy, strapping baby boy. Barbara's recovery from the delivery was quick and her normal intensive spring allergy symptoms were reduced. Norm noticed that his energy during his long days was improved. To take care of the volume of products that were going through his office, they decided to become manufacturer’s reps for USANA Health Sciences.

Today with their on-going training, research and education, Barbara as a teacher and Dr. Norm as a scientist, they evolved into nutritional and functional medicine consultants. Empowering others to live fully their most inspired life!

On a personal level:

Norm at 70 stays mentally active and healthy by teaching anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology at a local school and enjoys occasional acting in local live theater. He's also in a ukelele band. Norm serves as a board member and advocate for people with disabilities and has received 2 cochlear implants after being deaf for 25 years as an adult. He enjoys presenting his talk  "Hearing Loss and Dementia: Use it or Lose It" to various service organizations. Barbara at 61 loves spending time with their children, playing in her large garden, knitting, raising chickens and reading/applying self mastery books/classes. She is passionate about her work as a coach, mentor and teacher of adults.  She has been the President of the Sandoval County Master Gardeners and NAWBO-NM Chapter. They have both been with Toastmasters International for over 30 years.