Resistant Starches and Whey Protein Support Weight Loss and Gut Health

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Consuming whey protein and resistant starches as a breakfast drink can control appetite and support weight loss, fat distribution, insulin resistance, and cumulative food intake. In this article, I’ll answer the questions: What are whey proteins (WP) and resistant starches (RS)? How can they be easily added to daily food routines? What results have been shown in recent scientific […]

Microbiome — your gut health

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    Constipated, bloated, gassy, heart burn or trouble losing weight?  Let’s take a look at some great information on gut health.    Microbiome -a term we’d like to introduce you to.  Your body is crawling with trillions of microbial friends. All of them make up your microbiome—It’s the collection of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses […]

Dr. Norm says too much sugar can lead to premature aging.

Posted Posted in Age Well, Baby Boomers, Life Style, Mindful Eating, Nutrition, Sugar much sugar can lead to premature aging. Drinking a 20 oz cola with 16 tsps. of sugar every day can lead to 4.6 years of premature aging. Who wants to die early? Plus you can end up with insulin resistance and sagging wrinkled skin. A cola is a burst of inflammation through out your […]